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Nine reasons why Nick Saban is trying to hire Butch Jones

Let’s try to figure out why.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

In the strangest turn of events, Alabama is reportedly trying to hire former Tennessee head coach Butch Jones as an offensive analyst.

But, why?

Here are nine reasons that popped into my head.

1. Alabama needs new slogans

DAT Way. Champions of life. Five star heart. Brick by brick. The list goes on and on. I’m sure Butch can come up with a whole new batch for an Alabama title run.

2. Saban wants a juice bar.

Clay Travis tells a funny story about knowing the exact moment that Tennessee hired the wrong guy for the job. It was when Butch Jones showed him his brand new juice bar. Maybe that’s what Alabama football is missing.

3. Saban needs help deciding which running back to play.

If there’s one thing Butch Jones knows, it’s which running back to play. When you’ve got Alvin Kamara available and averaging seven yards per touch, you better load up Jalen Hurd with all the carries he can handle! Even Butch Jones probably couldn’t mismanage that ‘Bama backfield though.

4. Saban needs help with goal-line offense.

I mean, really. Who looks at the 2017 Tennessee offense and says, “I gotta get me some of that.” From downright dumb decisions to penalties to a horrific scheme and a refusal to go under center, Tennessee made things so much harder than they had to be in scoring range. I’m not sure I’d want Butch Jones analyzing my offense.

5. Saban got tired of winning real championships, so he’s going after the championship of life.

Butch famously deflected questions about not winning the SEC East (when it was literally handed to him on a silver platter) by claiming a championship of life instead. That has to be about the only championship that Nick Saban does have in his trophy case, right?

6. Saban wants to prove he can win with literally anybody.

I mean he’s got to be somewhat bored at this point.

7. Saban wants to turn the knife in the gut of Tennessee fans.

Imagine seeing Butch Jones on the field celebrating a national title with Nick Saban. Now imagine him getting promoted to offensive coordinator and doing it all again in 2019. It would be the most Tennessee thing of all time if Saban turned Butch into a hot head coaching candidate again.

8. Saban wants a member of his staff on the jumbotron at Neyland Stadium.

Butch’s picture is still plastered on the back of the jumbotron at Neyland. He was fired on November 12th. Imagine Saban on the trail with Butch Jones showing recruits that image. Seriously, Tennessee. Get that taken care of.

9. Saban wants Butch Jones’ recruiting ability.

We’ve had some fun at Butch’s expense, but this is the most plausible reason I can come up with. If there’s one thing Jones could do, it was recruit. What he did in terms of developing those players is a different story, but he did restore the talent level in Knoxville.