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Report: Grad-Transfer quarterback Gardner Minshew expected to join Alabama

What does this mean for Tennessee?

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According to Hank South of Bama Online, former ECU quarterback Gardner Minshew is expected to join the Alabama Crimson Tide sometime this summer. Minshew is a graduate transfer and is eligible to play immediately. He surfaced as a potential add for Tennessee last week.

Alabama had the jump on Minshew, however. They’ve been the team out front for the duration of this process. With Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts in the picture, he would be a valuable insurance policy for Nick Saban in 2018. Especially if one of those were to transfer.

South does leave the door open for things to change. He noted that Minshew doesn’t have to sign on the dotted line, so his options will remain open.

Keep in mind: there is not a letter of intent or binding agreement for Minshew to sign, so if another opportunity were to arise or another program began to show interest, Minshew would be free to explore those avenues if he decided to do that. Sources, however, say he is grateful for the opportunity that Alabama has presented, so the likelihood of that happening is slim.

If Minshew is in fact out of the picture, you would have to expect Tennessee’s pursuit of Keller Chryst to ramp up — if it hasn’t already. Chryst is set to graduate from Stanford in June. He would be eligible to play right away, which would give Tennessee another needed option at quarterback.

Chryst visted Knoxville this past weekend. He told that he hopes to have a decision in the next couple of weeks.