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Lane Kiffin thanks Tennessee fans following the John Currie document release

Emails showed a portion of the fanbase wanted Kiffin back.

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Tennessee v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The wild and ludicrous search for Tennessee’s head coach that transpired over three months ago was again making national headlines last week.

After the University of Tennessee administration officially cut ties with former athletic director John Currie in the form of a $2.5 million settlement on Thursday, a plethora of information on the search via Currie’s emails showed just how insane Tennessee’s month-plus long coaching search really was.

Among the information that was released, one thing stood out: A large portion of the Volunteer fanbase wanted Florida Atlantic’s head coach.

According to an article by Max Olson of the Athletic on Monday, the emails comprised of 2,200 pages and included just eight emails from fans suggesting Currie pursue then-Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. Maybe you’ve heard of him?

The emails, of course, showed several suggestions and opinions of who the first year AD should consider, but what Olson found was that a majority of fans who had reached out to Currie wanted him to go after one man: Lane Kiffin.

Once word of it got out, it was only a matter a time before Kiffin responded-which he did on Monday afternoon with a tweet thanking the Tennessee fanbase.

Would Kiffin have gladly taken the job had it been offered by Currie? We’ll likely never know, but it is clear that Kiffin still loves to stir things up with his former employer.

Following the 2017 season, Kiffin signed a 10-year contract with Florida Atlantic, but you can bet that he will continue to be pursued by big name programs in the near future.