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SEC Network’s Marcus Spears: “Tennessee got the right man for the job”

Spears likes what he sees.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

SEC Network’s Marcus Spears spent yesterday in Knoxville, checking in on Jeremy Pruitt’s progress at Tennessee. Spears joined Finebaum to report his findings on Monday afternoon.

“The thing that you get from everybody here is that Jeremy Pruitt is a football guy,” Spears told Paul Finebaum. “There’s a buzz in the weight room. The vibe is good, Paul.”

“I think this could be a seven or an eight win football team,” Spears said. “We’ve gotten so souped up on Georgia, everybody is excited about Florida and Dan Mullen, I think Tennessee is just quietly going about their business.”

“You have a football coach now. It’s about football at the University of Tennessee, which was always in question with the guy that left before,” said Spears — who took that opportunity to take that no-so-subtle jab at Butch Jones.

Spears finished his day with Jeremy Pruitt at Calhoun’s, where Marcus declared that Tennessee “got the right man for the job.”