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Orange and White Game: What are you watching for?

We asked, you guys delivered.

NCAA Football: Southern Mississippi at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, we decided to poll the fanbase on what they wanted to see during this weekend’s orange and white game. As expected, you guys weren’t short on opinions. It’s an interesting time of unknown for Tennessee fans, but I expect some of our questions to be answered on Saturday afternoon.

As to what you guys want to see, Cody Harrison makes perhaps the best point of all, simply asking for no injuries. Tennessee has been absolutely devastated with injuries for the past two seasons. It’s been a clean spring and hopefully it can finish that way on Saturday.


Tyson Helton will be ushering in a new offensive scheme this year, coming over from USC. Fortunately for him, there’s only one way to go from here. The Vols ranked near the bottom of the barrel in FBS offense in 2017. What will his scheme look like on Saturday?

While there are plenty of valid question marks at the quarterback position, I think the position that will truly make this offense pop is the offensive line. It’s hard to say what Tennessee has there right now, with a few guys slated to come back over the summer.

Still, plenty of you responded with interest in seeing what this patchwork line looks like. It’s going to be interesting to see, to say the least.

Jason Vaughn makes a great point. What will Tennessee’s goal-line offense look like? Are we free from the shotgun on short-yardage downs?

Of course, quarterback play will come first and foremost, as Power T Tape points out. Does Jarrett Guarantano or Will McBride have an edge?

Tyler Byrd — wherever he may play — will also be one to follow on Saturday.

I loved this response from Randy Campbell too. It’s kind of funny how something as simple as an I-Formation can get us so excited.


Offense usually pulls all the headlines, but this is going to be a very different looking defense. Tennessee was awful against the run last season, so improved depth and a new scheme will be welcomed in 2018.

Of course, everyone’s main concern defensively will be the defensive backs — mainly the corners. Pruitt has tried a few offensive guys there, simply for depth concerns. I’m not sure the depth is going to be what they want in the fall, but we’ll see how that inexperience fares this weekend.


There’s something to be said for doing all the little things. Going in with the right mindset can make all the difference in football, or life in general. I think Tennessee fans are just ready to see an intense, aggressive, attacking team again. It’s been a while.

What will you be watching for? Let us know below in the comments.