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Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt explains why he doesn’t allow music during practice

Coach Pruitt is old-school

NCAA Football: Jeremy Pruitt Tennessee Head Coach Knoxville News Sentinel-USA TODAY NETWORK

Jeremy Pruitt is about as old-school as they come. It doesn’t take a private investigator to figure that out. Yesterday, he explained why he refuses to play music in the background of his practices — something Butch Jones and the previous regime did allow.

Listen to his response below.

“I don’t think they play music during football games. Or I haven’t ever heard it, maybe they do. You know we already just got 20 hours in a week that we can coach ‘em. So I darn sure don’t want music out there where they can’t hear what I’m saying.”

That’s a pretty Nick Saban-y response there from Pruitt, who was clearly a little agitated with the question.

Earlier in the day, Tennessee tackle Drew Richmond was asked if music helped him during practice. He responded with a simple “no” and quickly moved on to another question.

To each their own. There certainly isn’t one way to get the most you can out of your players, but Pruitt never struck anyone to be the type of guy that would blare music or have a DJ on the sidelines.

It’s never been more obvious that a new era has arrived at Tennessee — and boy was a change ever needed.