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With constant leadership change, what message are Tennessee officials sending?

Not a good look.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

We all make judgements about people everyday. Sometimes we judge people based on what they say. Sometimes we judge people on what they do, or don’ t do.

In big time college sports, we judge people based on the won/loss column. Change in life is inevitable. Like it or not, change happens to all of us. Some of it we can control. Some of it just happens.

The University of Tennessee has had its share of changes in the last year at the highest level.

The latest round of changes began with the dismissal of Butch Jones. A strange, bizarre coast to-coast coaching search for a replacement for Jones began.

That led to a job offer that was taken off the table, the firing of the athletic director, replacing the AD with the former football coach, the hiring of a new football coach and in the end the firing of the university chancellor in recent days.

The question that one might ask from an outsiders point of view is — “What is going on at Tennessee?”

To the average UT student, who assumes the chancellor role, runs the athletic department or even coaches the football team has little impact on their daily lives as they pursue a college degree.

Perception becomes reality. The reality, or perception, is that the Tennessee hierarchy is in a state of disarray, chaos or at least flux. We all look for stability, routine, security in our lives to some degree.

What do potential Tennessee football players and their parents think of the changes at the school? Do they think twice about the stability of the coach, athletic director and staff and whether they will be around for their four years as a player? Do these changes, plus lack of success on the field, make recruits question attending Tennessee?

The dust will settle at UT and the football season will be upon us soon enough. Wins, losses and performance on the field will be the focus for the Vols faithful.

The question is, what do people on the outside looking in think? What damage has been done?