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Wanya Morris talks Tennessee commitment; Plans to help Vols recruit

Sounds like Tennessee got a good one.

Wanya Morris commits to Tennessee SBNation Recruiting

The ball really got rolling on Tennessee’s 2019 recruiting class last night. Four-star, top 50 overall player Wanya Morris made his decision to be a Vol over the Auburn Tigers, giving Tennessee a legitimate foundation for their class as we head into the summer.

“It came down to who was going to look out for me after football,” Morris said via Fox 5 Atlanta’s live Facebook feed. “I feel like coach Pruitt is going to do a pretty good job, and I feel like they’re going to look after me and my family.”

For Pruitt, he’s hoping Morris will return the favor by looking out for his quarterbacks. Tennessee had a clear need up front and has gotten off to a fantastic start filling that need. Morris joins fellow four-star prospect Jackson Lampley as offensive line commits.

“I saw what the players were about, I saw how they loved coach Pruitt, the offense, the defense,” Morris said. “To be a good team you’ve got to have a good defense. You’ve got to go up against good defensive linemen. I feel like they have a decent core and that I can get better there.”

Tennessee was in a hot battle with Auburn down until the end. The 6-6, 293 pound tackle said the battle came down to the final weekend. Morris said he didn’t know until Sunday night.

“Honestly, (I knew) Sunday night. (Pruitt) was just really happy because I get to start this class off. I get to go out there and recruit for them. It’s going to be a really good time.”

Tennessee could use the help. Jeremy Pruitt had to prove that he could land a big time target after striking out several times down the stretch during the 2018 cycle. I always thought that criticism was a little unfair, considering how late he started with the Vols and how big of a perception issue Tennessee had after the botched coaching search.

Now, Pruitt has his top 50 player in Morris. He’s landed that big time 2019 target, now we’ll see if this staff can sustain some momentum from it.