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Evan Berry playing a new position for the Cleveland Browns

Where he should have been all along?

Florida v Tennessee Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Evan Berry’s career at Tennessee’s didn’t live up to the hype tied to his last name. However, Evan carved out his own legacy in Knoxville as an electrifying, record setting return man. That ability to flip a game around with an explosive return made him a fan favorite and left fans wanting to see more.

Butch Jones opted to keep him as a reserve safety throughout his career, despite the obvious talent with the ball in his hands. Berry was an average safety at best, but never really got the opportunity to explore his offensive abilities.

Ironically, Berry will get that opportunity to prove that talent in the pros. On the official Browns’ roster, he’s listed as a receiver.

Berry said he wanted to play offense in the NFL during Tennessee’s pro day.

He just may have gotten the opportunity to show out on offense in 2017 — Butch Jones teased it, but Berry limped through most of the season with nagging injuries. The Vols certain could have used that potential shot in the arm. We’ll never know what could have been, but at least he’s finally getting a chance to explore in the NFL.