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Tennessee cornerbacks coach Terry Fair talks about what wearing the ‘T’ means

Powerful words from a guy who would know.

Terry Fair Getty Images

Tennessee assistant coach Terry Fair wore the Power T from 1995-1997, racking up 11 interceptions during his time in Knoxville. He knows a little something about the traditions of Tennessee. There probably isn’t a better guy on the staff today to let the current players know about what it means to be a Vol.

This is Fair’s second stint at Tennessee as a coach. He was a part of Butch Jones’ quality control staff in 2013 before leaving to become the defensive backs coach at Colorado State.

In the latest video from the Tennessee video crew, Fair is shown telling the team what wearing the ‘T’ means to him.

“What does the T mean to you? What does this game mean to you? Okay, so some of you are going to figure out that it means a lot more that what you really think,” Fair said to open the video.

“I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. What brought me to Tennessee? One — pride. The tradition. I came on my visit, the guys I encountered, I felt like this was the best place for me to come and grow for four years. When you put on that T, you wear it with pride. It’s not something to be disrespected. Who do you represent? You represent the University of Tennessee. You represent this football team. You represent each other. You represent your family. You represent your community.”

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”