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Tennessee continuing to experiment with position changes

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Still trying to maximize the roster.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Volunteers Practice Calvin Mattheis-USA TODAY Sports

We’re a little over two weeks away from Tennessee’s opener against West Virginia and Jeremy Pruitt’s staff is still hard at work with experimentation. Position changes ended up being the story of spring ball and that has carried over (to a lesser extent) to the fall.

The 6-3, 222 pound Fant has bounced back and forth from running back to tight end this year, perhaps learning both positions for a reason. The staff surely likes his size in the backfield and could likely use the immediate depth. How he’s used once the regular season begins will be an interesting follow.

Kivon Bennett is a new name to the experimentation list. He’s a little small to play on the defensive line in this scheme at 6-1, 275. With Tennessee’s lack of 3-4 outside linebacker bodies, this is another move that makes some sense. It’s probably unrealistic to expect anything out of the sophomore at the position this season, however. Bennett at outside linebacker does seem to give him an easier path to playing in the future though.

I’m a fan of experimenting with these moves now, even though we’re closing in on gameday. It’s not like these guys are key pieces to the team, so why not give them a shot in another spot and see what they can bring to the table?