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Tennessee unveils new football uniforms

Oh my goodness

Tennessee Athletics

Tennessee unveiled new football uniforms for the 2018 season with a video posted to social media Thursday.

The uniforms are inspired by Tennessee’s uniforms during its 1998 national championship season. The jersey is the same one the Vols have worn the past three seasons under Nike, but the pants are white with no stripes and the stripe on the helmet is solid all the way down. The new uniform template will also feature black cleats, as had been rumored since this spring.

The nod to 1998 is a cool look, as Tennessee celebrates the 20th anniversary of its most recent national championship this year.

The new look is a subtle change, but a sleek look for the Vols under first-year head coach Jeremy Pruitt. We still have a little bit of time to wait to see how well Tennessee will play in 2018, but we know the Vols will look fresh when they come out of the tunnel on Saturday.