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Quart’e Sapp responds to his Florida game exit with a tweet

Now we get his side.

NCAA Football: Tennessee Volunteers football practice Calvin Mattheis-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee linebacker Quart’e Sapp has taken to Twitter to get his side of the story out. Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt confirmed after the game that he asked Sapp to leave the sidelines during the Florida game after Sapp refused to go in.

According to Sapp, that wasn’t the case. Here’s what he said this morning.

“I’m only going to address the situation publicly once, knowing the current narrative has been created through miscommunication.

During the UT vs UF game I was never asked nor did I ever refuse to go into the game. There was a sideline confrontation (I’m sure that will be resolved internally) that occurred and the other party had to be restrained.

VolNation, I will continue to be full committed and giving “My All On For Tennessee” on and off the field.”

This biggest takeaway here is that Sapp wants to continue with the program. However, it’s clear that Pruitt and Sapp don’t agree on how the situation developed.

“(Sapp) left the field during the game,” Pruitt said last night. “Because he wouldn’t go back into the game when he was asked to go in. So I don’t know how things were done here before, but you know, when you tell somebody to go in, they refuse to go in, we’re not going to do that around here. So I asked him to leave.”

We will likely get our next update during Pruitt’s press conference at noon on Monday.