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Watch: Tennessee trolls Florida with ‘Gator Chomp’ after road win

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Florida Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee picked up a gritty win on the road Saturday night, outlasting the Florida Gators in Gainesville. It was one possession game for much of the homestretch, until Admiral Schofield blew it open with a corner three to put the game away.

Jordan Bone and Jordan Bowden finished this one up with a couple of breakaway buckets to make it look worse than it really was.

When the clock struck zero, all five Vols on the floor broke out in a Gator chomp.

Not that you needed another reason to love this team, but you just got another one. Here’s what Schofield said after the game.

Not only is this team special — they’ve got some troll in them. Admiral Schofield took a victory lap in Phoenix after knocking off top-ranked Gonzaga in front of a very pro-Gonzaga crowd. Now the whole team breaks out in a synchronized mocking of the Gator chomp.

I’ve got no problem with this. Schofield is a senior and he’s soaking up every ounce of his final year in this program. As long as you keep backing it up, troll away.

In case you’re wondering, the Gators will head to Knoxville on February 9th.