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Watch: Full montage of every questionable call from SEC officials during Tennessee-Alabama game

This needs to be discussed.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Alabama Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I hate that I even have to write this post. Alabama is a better football team than Tennessee and probably wins going away with Tua Tagovailoa running the show for a full four quarters. But this has to be addressed.

The SEC officials were horrendous on Saturday night, to the point where I had non-Tennessee fans texting me about how bad it was. I had Alabama fans calling me to tell me how bad that unnecessary roughness call was on Darrell Taylor.

You know all the moments by now — you’ve probably been stewing over them for the last 36 hours like everyone else. But here’s a refresher.

Watch this.

Complaining about the officiating is typically lame, but damn. Watch that and tell me Tennessee didn’t get hosed three or four times on Saturday night. You can’t do it. Blown calls happen, but it shouldn’t happen that many times in a single game.

Tennessee really took Alabama took the wire, down eight points late in the game. They got a stop when they needed it — only to watch Alabama get handed a new set of downs thanks to the worst unnecessary roughness call you’ll ever see.

The phantom hold on Wanya Morris, then the random stoppage for absolutely nothing when Tennessee went wildcat at the goal line? Come on.

Alabama doesn’t need any help. They’re plenty good enough. The most frustrating part was the way Tennessee was playing, hanging in with the best team in the country. That effort more than likely would have come up short, but it feels like we were robbed of finding out.

We can take plenty of positives away from this one for sure, but that was one of the most frustrating games to watch in recent memory.