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Pruitt has decided on a starting QB for Missouri game, but he’s not telling anyone who it is

Who should it be?

Georgia State v Tennessee Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

The Tennessee Volunteers are 5-5 on the year and have been playing musical chairs at the quarterback position since the first bye week. Oddly, it’s working.

Tennessee appeared to find something in true freshman Brian Maurer, who made his first start against Georgia. However, back to back concussions put his season on hold, giving the ball back to Jarrett Guarantano and even for a brief moment, JT Shrout.

Maurer returned to the starting lineup against Kentucky, but was benched in favor of Guarantano at halftime. Jarrett went on to deliver two touchdown passes for the Vols, who came away with the victory in Lexington.

Now following a bye week, both are legitimate options to start for Tennessee. But if you thought Jeremy Pruitt would give up that information on Wednesday, you were sadly mistaken.

When asked if he had chosen a starter for Saturday, he simply responded with, “we have.” When pressed for an answer, Pruitt said that announcement would be made on Saturday before the game.

“No. We’ll just do it on game day,” Pruitt said.

Pruitt has played this game with the media all season long. And why wouldn’t he? Why give out free information?

His decision here will be interesting. It almost feels like you’ve got to go with Guarantano in this spot, who has earned back some trust from this coaching staff after a brutal start to the season. While Maurer pretty clearly offers you the most upside and long-term gains, Tennessee has to take care of business in one of these next two games to get back to a bowl for the first time since 2016.

Right now, your best bet is probably Jarrett Guarantano.