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Week 13 FanPulse: Confidence peaks again after Vols become bowl-eligible

The Vols are going bowling!

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, confidence in the Tennessee football program is back at an all-time high (95.5%) after a 24-20 victory over the Missouri Tigers.

It’s been a crazy year, to say the least. And it’s not even over yet. Tennessee still has one more regular-season game against Vanderbilt this Saturday. If the Vols can take down their in-state rival, then a 7-5 record will stand as the official regular-season of 2019.

Who in the hell thought that would’ve been the case at the end of September?

Regardless, it’s been fun watching this team improve over the last few weeks.

Now, it’s time to go out with a bang and reclaim the state of Tennessee.

Nothing changed concerning this week’s top four teams, but Alabama managed to leapfrog Oklahoma this week for the fifth spot.

Penn State (11th) and Oregon (14th) dropped out of the top-10 after losses to Ohio State and Arizona State last week. Baylor (8th) and Minnesota (10th) took advantage of the vacancies after missing out on the top-10 last week.

Navy (22nd) is this week’s newcomer.

Rocky Top Talk’s Week 13 Top 25

1. LSU (11-0)

2. Ohio State (11-0)

3. Clemson (11-0)

4. Georgia (10-1)

5. Alabama (10-1)

6. Oklahoma (10-1)

7. Utah (10-1)

8. Baylor (10-1)

9. Florida (9-2)

10. Minnesota (10-1)

11. Penn State (9-2)

12. Memphis (10-1)

13. Auburn (8-3)

14. Oregon (9-2)

15. Notre Dame (9-2)

16. Cincinnati (10-1)

17. Wisconsin (9-2)

18. Michigan (9-2)

19. App State (10-1)

20. Boise State (10-1)

21. Iowa (8-3)

22. Navy (8-2)

23. Air Force (9-2)

24. Virginia Tech (8-3)

25. Oklahoma State (8-3)

But let’s not forget why we are really here.

SB Nation decided to get a little festive and ask its readers, “which Thanksgiving side should be banned?”.

The results were pretty overwhelming:

SB Nation’s FanPulse Thanksgiving Results

1. Candied Yams/Sweet Potatoes - 31.2%

2. Green Bean Casserole - 29.2%

3. Mac and Cheese - 25.5%

4. Stuffing - 10.3%

5. Mashed Potatoes - 3.7%

I mean, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I’ll eat any of this. But if I had to choose between one of these five items, then it’s HOLLA GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE all day.