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Week 14 FanPulse: Confidence is jacked up after the victory over Vanderbilt

This team is on the right track.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Tennessee
You have to be happy if you’re a Vols fan.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports


The Tennessee Volunteers (7-5, 5-3) closed out the 2019 season in exhilarating fashion. The Vols won their last five games in order to finish with a winning record in both an overall sense and in the SEC.

What makes the situation even better is that they were able to beat South Carolina, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt. These are teams that Tennessee should beat on a yearly basis, but hadn’t beaten all three in the same year since 2015.

That obviously changed this year and with another strong recruiting class, the arrow is certainly pointing up for Tennessee in 2020.

The arrow is also pointing up for confidence in the direction of the program. The current number sits at a season-high 95.5% confidence rate.

Confidence remains high after a 7-5 finish to 2019.

Both the program and fans will be riding this wave into whichever bowl game the Vols make their way to and 2020.

The next 10 months should be fun.

You may notice a big change in this week’s Top 25. Alabama (10th) almost fell out of the top-10 after its loss to Auburn (9th) over the weekend. The Crimson Tide had been in the top-5 all year long before this week.

As for other changes to the top-10, Oklahoma moved back into the top-5, while Utah (6th) is just outside of the playoff picture. Auburn (9th) was able to get in the mix, as well.

Minnesota fell to (17th) after its loss to Wisconsin (12th) and Michigan fell to (19th) after its beatdown from Ohio State, but other than that, there aren’t many changes to the rest of the poll.

Virginia (24th) and UAB (25th) are newcomers in this week’s poll.

Rocky Top Talk’s Week 14 Top 25

1. LSU (12-0)

2. Ohio State (12-0)

3. Clemson (12-0)

4. Georgia (11-1)

5. Oklahoma (11-1)

6. Utah (11-1)

7. Baylor (11-1)

8. Florida (10-2)

9. Auburn (9-3)

10. Alabama (10-2)

11. Penn State (10-2)

12. Wisconsin (10-2)

13. Memphis (11-1)

14. Oregon (10-2)

15. Notre Dame (10-2)

16. Boise State (11-1)

17. Minnesota (10-2)

18. App State (11-1)

19. Michigan (9-3)

20. Cincinnati (10-2)

21. Iowa (9-3)

22. Navy (9-2)

23. Air Force (10-2)

24. Virginia (9-3)

25. UAB (9-3)