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REPORT: Controversial referee from Tennessee-LSU game has been suspended by SEC

The official was under fire after a picture emerged of him with an LSU shirt on social media

USA Today

Following Tennessee’s 82-80 overtime loss to then-No. 13 LSU back on Feb. 23, there were questions about some calls made by the officials late in the game that many deemed as game-changing.

Those questions only intensified when a five-year old photo resurfaced of one of the officials from that game, Anthony Jordan, posing with an LSU t-shirt.

Similar photos on Jordan’s facebook account indicated that he was an LSU fan in addition to being originally from the Baton Rouge area.

According to Knoxville’s WNML sports radio host, Jimmy Hyams, Jordan was suspended by the league following that game and has not refereed a game since.

While the SEC has not officially said whether or not Jordan has actually been suspended, it’s hard to believe they did not hear the noise his facebook photo generated, especially after the controversial ending of a game that would eventually go on to decided the SEC regular season champion.