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That’s Right, Wake Forest Just Hired John Currie As Athletic Director

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Tennessee
John Currie’s tenure at Tennessee was an epic failure.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

This isn’t a joke.

This isn’t a trick.

This is real life.

Yes, THE John Currie, arguably the most s u c c e s s f u l athletic director in Tennessee Volunteer history, has been hired for the same position at his alma mater, Wake Forest.

The only part about this that makes any sense at all is the fact that Currie is an alumni. Outside of that fact, there is no way to wrap your head around this unless you are in fact John Currie.

Or President Nathan Hatch, who is just enamored with the idea of Currie following former athletic director Ron Wellman. Wellman held the same position when Currie graduated from Wake Forest In 1993.

“John is the perfect fit to follow in the footsteps of his mentor,” Hatch said on Sunday as he announced the move.

But wait, it gets better.

“John and I have talked at length about his time as Athletic Director at Tennessee.” Hatch continued, “His abilities as a leader were put to the test through what was clearly a trying period for him personally and professionally. What impressed me was John’s resilience and integrity – always putting the needs of the student-athletes first.”

For those who don’t remember, aren't aware of, or have simply forgotten - Currie was the main cog behind the machine of hellacious dysfunction that consumed the football program during the head coaching search of 2017.

This is the same guy who called Tennessee fans “wackos” in text messages to reporters. The same guy who started a revolt within the fan base over the lackluster hiring of Greg Schiano on the fateful Sunday of November 26. The same guy who disappeared for an inane amount of time before being suspended and ultimately fired.

Yea, Wake Forest, this is what you just signed up for.

Fortunately, the Winston-Salem Journal has the program’s back. The local paper was kind enough to list Currie’s misguided moves in great detail for all to see.

Good luck, Wake Forest.