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Watch: Rick Barnes cashing in on free food for life, but grateful for the support above all else

It’s good to be Rick Barnes right now.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Dallas Practice Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

A wild 24 hours a couple of weeks back ended up in a new contract for Tennessee head basketball coach Rick Barnes, along with basically whatever he wants in the city of Knoxville for the rest of his life.

UCLA came calling for Barnes, who admittedly was very interested in the offer from the Bruins. Talks fell apart when UCLA hit a snag in Barnes’ contract with Tennessee, which featured a five million dollar buyout — the same detail that caused talks with TCU’s Jamie Dixon from taking the job a week earlier. That detail was the one that kept Barnes in Knoxville, according to himself last week.

During that wild Monday, restaurants all over Knoxville offered the 64 year old coach free food for the rest of his life if he decided to stay. Over the weekend, Barnes paid a visit to a few of those places, encountering several grateful Tennessee fans along the way.