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JJ Watt wants the Texans to draft Tennessee signee Elijah Simmons

There’s only one problem.

Elijah Simmons Twitter

Elijah Simmons hasn’t played a down of college football yet, but he’s already got at least one fan in the NFL. Texans star defensive lineman JJ Watt singled out Simmons last night on the NFL Draft stage.

As Nashville hosted the draft, the Titans chose to bring captains up on stage from 13 different metro schools within the city. Simmons can be see wearing his No. 72 jersey below on stage with Roger Goodell as the Titans selected Jeffery Simmons 19th overall.

Watt immediately took to Twitter, asking if his Texans could go ahead and draft No. 72 from the Tennessee metro high school team.

The mid-state product has one of the more intimidating recruiting profiles you’ll ever see.

Simmons may only be a three-star recruit, but his 6-0, 350 pound frame had Tennessee fans intrigued from the moment he announced his commitment. The massive defensive tackle prospect came to Tennessee last summer to a camp event, earning his offer the hard way.

He certainly looks the part. We’ll see if Simmons can find the field early on this fall.