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Watch: Draft party erupts after Jordan Bone gets selected 57th overall

Incredible moment.

NBA: NBA Draft Combine David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Late Thursday night at Jordan Bone’s draft party, the scene couldn’t get more depressing. Bone took a leap of faith to get to the NBA after one true season of big time production. But as the picks clicked by, Bone and his draft party began to lose hope.

After the 56th selection, his brother, another former Tennessee basketball player, Josh Bone grabbed the microphone and addressed the crowd.

“I gotta put my two cents in,” older brother Josh began. “I’m hurt right now — probably more hurt than he is. Well, I doubt it. Hey, from this day forward, if you’re in this room man... y’all are the people that...”

And then it happened. It was like getting interrupted in the middle of a concession speech to find out that you had actually won.

The Pelicans selected Bone with the 57th pick, taking the Tennessee point guard for the Hawks, who owned his draft rights. Bone was quickly dealt to the Pistons — but none of that mattered in the moment.

Watch below.

Bone will now head up north to Detroit, cashing in on his risky draft declaration. He joins Grant Williams, who was selected at 22 by the Celtics, and Admiral Schofield, who was taken at 42 by the Wizards in the Eastern Conference.