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Kerry Blackshear Update: Virginia Tech back in the mix, Tennessee still a player

Many believe we’re in the final stretch of Blackshear’s recruitment.

Liberty v Virginia Tech Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

We have never seen a recruitment like we are witnessing right now. Kerry Blackshear Jr. is the focus of the Tennessee Basketball program, as the Volunteers look to add the most highly coveted player in the transfer portal. One thing is clear, Kerry Blackshear has to make a decision soon, as he will have to make a choice before the July 1st deadline.

First, let’s tackle the obvious question. “What’s the hold up with Blackshear?” Well, in order to answer that question, you’d have to put yourself in Blackshear’s shoes. Imagine that you have to make a decision by July 1st that will be the difference between being drafted into the NBA, and achieving your childhood dream, or simply not. This is one of the biggest decisions he will ever make, and it will effect the rest of his life. You simply can’t blame Blackshear for taking his time. However, whether he is ready or not, with a quickly approaching deadline, Blackshear will have to make a decision sooner, rather than later.

As for the decision itself, reports have been literally all over the place. Over the weekend most reports said that Tennessee and Kentucky were the 2 finalists, and a decision was coming that weekend. Obviously, that did not happen, and now it appears that Tennessee and Virginia Tech are the front-runners.

Jake Weingarten, the owner of, all but confirmed this in a tweet yesterday, saying Virginia Tech thinks they have a great shot at Blackshear.

Evan Daniels made things even more complicated saying not to count Florida out, on a message board. So, what is to blame for the variety of reports? In my opinion, it’s simple, Blackshear has not been talking to anyone, so this information can’t be coming from him. The only other solution is that it’s coming from the universities that are recruiting him and all of those schools feel good about their chances.

It looks as if Kentucky is fading out of the mix, and they are looking like more and more of a long-shot. But then again, you can never count Kentucky out for sure. As for Florida, they’re definitely a possible landing spot. The school is close to home for Blackshear, as his family lives in Orlando, it seems like a solid possibility. I think Florida has a chance, but I think they’re more of a dark horse in this race. Ultimately, I think he will either chose to remain at Virginia Tech for his final season, or transfer to Knoxville.

As we seem to be approaching Blackshear’s decision only one thing is clear, everyone is ready for this recruitment to end.