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Jersey Numbers selected for Tennessee’s 2019 summer enrollees

Here’s what the new guys will be wearing.

Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Tennessee welcomed ten early enrollees over the winter, now they’ll welcome 12 more newcomers over the summer, rounding out the rest of the 2019 class. Tennessee has updated their official roster with the new faces officially on campus, giving us our first look at the new jersey numbers.

Every member of the 2019 class has arrived on campus, outside of four-star safety Anthony Harris. His situation and status with Tennessee remains unclear at the moment.

As a refresher, Tennessee’s early enrollee’s numbers can be found here.

2019 Summer Enrollees Jersey Numbers

Darnell Wright: No. 72

Henry To’oto’o: No. 11

Jackson Lampley: No. 50

Melvin McBride: No. 71

Jerrod Means: No. 88

Sean Brown: No. 83

Savion Williams: No. 50

Darel Middleton: No. 97

Elijah Simmons: No. 51

Roman Harrison: No. 30

Kenney Solomon: No. 31

Aaron Beasley: No. 24