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Tennessee cornerback Bryce Thompson returns to practice; Status for Saturday unclear

Thompson is back with the team.

Tennessee v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Tennessee has reinstated sophomore cornerback Bryce Thompson. He will practice this afternoon, but his status for Saturday’s game against Chattanooga remains unclear.

Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt released the following statement.

“As university processes have progressed relating to Bryce Thompson, we’ve all taken this situation very seriously,” Pruitt said. “I believe Bryce can grow by following the plan the university has put in place for him. As a result, I am allowing him to return to practice.”

Thompson was suspended the week before the home opener against Georgia State after getting into an argument with his girlfriend on campus. He was arrested and suspended immediately by Jeremy Pruitt. Thompson has not played in the first two games for the Volunteers. Will he on Saturday? Jeremy Pruitt wouldn’t say, but it sounds like that might be a long shot.

“Well it’s hard to play when you haven’t been practicing right?” Pruitt said. “It’s hard to get in shape. We’ve got to build up.

“He’s been away from the team for three weeks,” Pruitt continued. “He’s been in school here. There’s still lots of things that’s got to go on here with his situation. He obviously made a mistake, but he needs to be around the football team. He’s not practiced in three weeks, so he needs to practice. It’s good for him.”

While his status against Chattanooga is unknown, it’s probably a safe bet that you’ll see Thompson on the field in Gainesville against the Gators.