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Domestic assault charge against Bryce Thompson dismissed

NCAA Football: Alabama at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

A domestic assault charge against Tennessee cornerback Bryce Thompson was dismissed on Monday morning, per Thompson appeared in a Knox County courtroom this morning where the announcement was made that the case was being dropped.

Thompson was arrested on August 24th on the Tennessee campus following an argument with his girlfriend. He allegedly threatened her before the two were separated by police. Thompson was booked and released later that day.

“There wasn’t a crime committed. It had to be dismissed. There is not much more I can say than that. From the very beginning, she has — even on the day of the incident — she said the same thing then that she said today. This thing that he was charged with, fear is a key element of it. You have to be afraid.” (John Valliant, Bryce Thompson’s attorney, via Knoxville News Sentinel after the hearing.)

Jeremy Pruitt announced an indefinite suspension for Thompson, which ended up being three games. Thompson returned to practice ahead of the Chattanooga game, but did not play. He saw his first action of the season against Florida on Saturday.

“He obviously made a mistake, but he needs to be around the football team,” Pruitt said after Thompson returned to practice. “He’s not practiced in three weeks, so he needs to practice. It’s good for him.”

Thompson continued to take classes at Tennessee during his suspension.

With this now behind him, Thompson now has two weeks worth of practices to get back into shape and get ready to take on the third ranked Georgia Bulldogs on October 5th.