Column: Help UGA with #DawgsCheckerNeyland

Ahem... *cough cough* ....

May I have your attention please.

Georgia fans are planning to checker Neyland red and black next Saturday, as you may have heard. Though many are laughing at this idea and believe it will not happen, you are terribly mistaken.

They even have a hashtag called #DawgsCheckerNeyland.

This fanbase is fired up and ready to conquer anything in its path right now.

Many of y'all may want to show up and stop these efforts,

but you are wrong. We have lost to Georgia State, BYU and Florida by 31 points! Nothing is changing on Rocky Top. Cut the brick by brick crap out.

We need real CHANGE! The best way to fire these players up and the entire team is to sell your tickets to these Dawgs, make that money or hell, even show up in red or black!

Trust me, it'll spark the team both now and in the future! I am a Vol for Life and want this team to make bowl games on a regular basis like it used to. It's time to become Tennessee again. We can do that by making a joke of our lackluster athletic association Saturday and getting Georgia fans to buy up all of our alcohol and tickets.

This will help fund the buyout! We need to get Fulmer back in the headset! Bring Fulmer Back! Go Vols! Restore glory to Knoxville!

Go Vols! We will be back! Spread the word! #DawgsCheckerNeyland ... this will help our future!

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