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Watch: Tennessee walk-on rewarded with semester on scholarship after win over Vanderbilt

Cool moment.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

It was a good night for a few different reasons on Saturday for the Tennessee basketball program. The Volunteers blew out the Vanderbilt Commodores, ending their 1,080 game streak of games with a three-pointer made in the process. Vandy went a shocking 0-25 from long range.

It was a much needed blowout for Tennessee, who was embarrassed earlier in the week against Georgia.

The cherry on top happened after the game. Walk-on guard Jacob Fleschman was rewarded with a scholarship for this semester. The 6-3 guard has only made ten appearances on the floor for Tennessee, but he was rewarded for his contributions to the program on Saturday night.

Watch Barnes deliver the news in front of the team below.

Guys like Fleschman are the unheralded glue guys of the team. They rarely play, but they give it their all in practice and push guys to get better. To see someone like that get rewarded with a free semester of school will never not be awesome.