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Fanpulse: Tennessee fans continue trusting the process with basketball program

Confidence remains high.

Tennessee v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Tennessee basketball hasn’t exactly been a model of consistency lately. After blowing out Ole Miss and Vanderbilt, Tennessee went into Kansas and nearly came away with an upset win. Things seemed like they had reached some sort of turning point, and that was reflected in this week’s fanpulse poll.

You guys were as confident as ever in Rick Barnes and this staff, checking in just under the 100 percent mark for the second week in a row.

Of course, the day after these votes were tallied, Tennessee lost at home to a bad Texas A&M team. Next week’s results will be much more interesting, with the NCAA Tournament seemingly being further away than ever now.

Most disappointing team?

For the national question this week, you were asked who the most disappointing team of the season was. The overwhelming favorite turned out to be North Carolina, which is in the middle of an absolutely dreadful season.

Our results may have reflected two of our rivals here, with Florida and Memphis also being options. The Gators were expected to be a top ten team with the addition of Kerry Blackshear, now they’re sitting on the NCAA Tournament bubble. Still, they don’t really compare to the total freefall of the Tar Heels this season.