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Tennessee Gator Bowl winning T-shirts now available from BreakingT

Never forget this wild game!

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Tennessee just wrapped up their 2019 season with a miraculous 23-22 win over the Indiana Hoosiers in the Gator Bowl. The game featured a 13 point comeback in the final five minutes of the game after a disastrous third quarter.

The highlight of Tennessee falling behind turned out to be a simple crowd shot, which featured a horrendously awful (but hilarious) misspelling of ‘Good Ole Rocky Top’ or ‘Tennessee Volunteers’ — it’s honestly not even clear at this point. Maybe the signs were double-sided? We may never know for sure. But in typical Tennessee fashion, it created a memorable moment on social media.

Now thanks to the good folks at BreakingT, you can own the shirt. They’ve also come up with a ‘Never Quit’ design — which, let’s be honest, if you’ve made it through the past decade of Tennessee football, you MORE than deserve.

Check out both designs below and follow the links to purchase.

Never Quit T-shirt for $28
Mixed-Up Sign T-shirt for $28