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‘It’s The Hope That Kills You.’

Alabama vs Tennessee Photo by /Collegiate Images/Getty Images

Look, I ain't got no crystayball for predicting, well anything. It’s why don’t gamble and dont play pick-up ball with old heads who rock the the rec specs, cloth gym shorts and high socks. Casinos exist and do very well because they avery good at letting you give them a lot of your money. I like my money, — I’ll keep it, thank you.

If a hooper shows up like that he’s either 1) not to be messed with or 2) totally trash. But if you got confidence to look like that on the court, you’re probably a baller.

But I I don’t think any Tennessee fan thought we would still getting blasted by rivals in Pruitt’s 4th (3rd maybe?) year. If you LEGIT saw that coming, buy us some lotto tix, i’ll CashApp you and we’ll never be seen by Americans again.

So, finally 150 word later we get to the gist of the article found this play to be the perfect example of the Vols’ season:

Let’s break it up and see how we relate to it so well. it looks like (to me) the run a zone read. Giants QB holds the ball and waits on the purposefully unblocked OL to commit to either him or the QB. It can’t be impossible if the defense wasn’t/isn’t ready for it. Great call — I’m not sure if the Eagles thought the Giants still had Eli Manning at QB — but the defender didn’t hesitate at the mesh point. Kinda like how Pruitt didn’t hesitate and went 4-4 on fourth conversions recently. Yeah, that was dope. I just wanted reminisce with you for a moment.


This is Tennessee with nothing but greener pastures ahead — minus the schedule. That's always such a bitch. Trade us conferences with Ohio State and see how many times we get the belt. We finally beat Muschamp, contained Shai Smith reasonably well considering the the mix-matched medley of players (young guys) in the secondary and got after the QB.

Here, Tennessee finally put Missouri in its place. The Show-me state. Yaeh, right. You and every Missourian keep the stuff you show to yourselves. Their fan are an odd bunch who swear some years of Chase Daniel relevance in the same overall tier as the Vols. Hold on — I actually spit my water out at that thought. I’m sorry; recent history is what it is, in that regard they ain’t so terrible. But we should beat them something like 35-12 every season, I mean their coach is Milhouse from the Simpson’s for god sake. We fiddna rub UGA’s nose in the carpet just like how UGA probably does when he makes his bidniss inside.


Nope — that’s us tripping on a rogue blade of grass, going down face first and getting blasted by Georgia. The OL let Georgia stab us, the 10 penalties let them twist the shank in our insides to cause some extra pain. The three (3) total turnovers were just cherries on top of Tennessee’s Sadderday ice cream sundae.

That’s a defender sitting on Giant’s QB Daniels’s face, because it seemed like the most apt description of the Vols/ Tide game. The defense gets the blame for allowing 48 points and nearly 600 yards. The Tide calmly accumulated THIRTY (30) first downs and had possession for almost 10 minutes more than did Tennessee. The Vols weren’t dynamic on offense, but they had just two turnovers and didn’t beat themselves like they had the previous two games.

So, like Daniel Jones, we started strong, got in our own way and then did a metaphorically comparable face-plant.

There’s a show on Apple TV — Ted Lasso with Jason Sudekis playing the annoyingly constant upbeat and positive American football coach hired to coach a British “futbol,” team. Sudekis becomes aware of this saying that “It’s the hope that kills you,” and obviously he’s not a fan. This saying is basically telling you don’t have any hopes, dreams or aspirations, you’ll never be disappointed. But I find the quote paradoxical in nature - because how do you accomplish anything without those goals or plans and if there’s no hope for something more, something better, then you’ll never make that jump out of the tree’s nest and glide away toward a new life.

My point being: I don’t consider myself an optimist. In fact, I’m a pessimist if I’m anything. But things seem bad at Tennessee right now. It’s not just the winning and losing — it’s the penalties and undisciplined football. It’s turning the ball over more times than you turn your over your pillow when you sleep (maybe I’m weird and people don’t do that).

I’m also not trying to cover for the team here. It seems that everybody in the program can do and need to do better. I just don’t want the hope to kill us.

NOTE: Sorry about the picture quality - still trying to get new program figured out.

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