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Watch: Tennessee takes the floor for preseason basketball practice

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional Practice Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve been trying to get out more hoops content lately because, well the season starts soon-ish, and the football team has been, like, a total bummer, man.

So here’s a video of a practice session from 10/26. Not much to it, really, but you get a good look at the guys, and how they’ve physically matured (except EJ Anosike — he looks like he was born grown) from last season.

It looked like Triple-J was running point on what I’m guessing was the “second team.” I could very well be mistaken because I don’t know how Barnes conducts his practices.

Also, I heard “good job, Uros,” or something similar a couple times, and that’s encouraging considering Plavsic’s immensely-disappointing freshman season.

Fulky hit a smooth little short-range, push/hook/ one-handed shot and is sporting the more traditional flat-top hair cut again.

Back to Anosike — goodness. He is SOLID. In Terry’s post on Vescovi’s media session yesterday, Santi mentioned how built Anosike really is. You’ll get a good look at that in the video.