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Tennessee vs. Auburn: Open Game Thread

Could be a bright spot in a so-far poor season for the Vols

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

After tomorrow night’s game against the Auburn Tigers, UT will have played just three games in 28 days: Bama on 10/24, Arkansas on 11/7 and Auburn on 11/21. The Vols got their scheduled off-week after the Bama game, but then after Tennessee blew a 13-point halftime lead against the Hogs, the Vols got another surprise open date with an impromptu-Covid-related free week thanks to the Texas A&M game’s postponement.

In Pruitt’s first year, coming off a bye week, the Vols upset the No. 21 ranked Tigers at Tiger Stadium. I’m pulling my numbers from a recent post from our newest writer Brett Barnett, so if these numbers turn out incorrect I’m blaming him, and you should too. 8^)

Brett says Pruitt is 2-1 coming off bye weeks, but that number is actually 2-2 considering the loss to Arkansas after the bye week that followed the Bama game. I think. Admittedly I did no research on my own for these numbers. Sue me.

Ya’ll know me — I avoid math like I avoid going into public during this pandemic. Again, we’re all gonna blame Brett if any of those figures are wrong. <3 you Brett

So yes, the last time Tennessee traveled to whatever hell-hole area of Alabama where Auburn plays, the Vols got the win — but consider this: QB Jarrett Guarantano went 21-32 with 300-plus yards passing, two TDs and ZERO picks.

I imagine the collective fanbases’ confidence in that happening again is hovering somewhere between 0 and however far down numbers go less than zero. Zero minus infinity? That’s not right, but it’s okay. Point being: people are pissed off, and the Vols need to come out and look like an actual football team or even more people are gonna be pissed off.

Now, with the extra time off, the Vols have had plenty of time work out some kinks and make adjustments. But with the offensive line’s season-long, collective regression, the defense’s absolute refusal to cover the middle of the field and the QB room being a complete disaster — I’m not sure there’s enough time in the world to fix this team with the current coaches on staff.

Tennessee drops this one and faces No. 6 Florida, Vandy and No. 5 A&M to finish the season. That 2-4 record is looking a lot like 3-7 by the end of the year.


Being mostly a hoops writer, I typically discourage all the hate for the football team. But tonight in the comments, I say Let. It. Fly.

Otherwise, I mean, Go Vols, right?


  • Kickoff time: 7 pm ET
  • Location: Auburn
  • TV Channel: ESPN
  • Streaming: Watch ESPN
  • Odds: The No. 23 ranked Tigers currently sit at a 10.5 point favorite, and I’ve got the Tigers with an easy cover. I’m an eternal optimist — what can I say?