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Harrison Bailey must start at quarterback against the Gators

It’s time.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Auburn
The postponed Vandy matchup could be a blessing in disguise.
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for life after Jarrett Guarantano.

The kid is an absolute warrior and is one of the toughest guys to ever don a Tennessee football jersey. But he just can’t get it done on a consistent basis when it comes to on-field performance.

The end result is another down year for the Vols, who are currently 2-5 on the season. Unless a miracle happens, the Vols will finish 3-7 at best. This week’s game against Vandy is their last winnable game on the schedule. That game has been postponed and moved to the end of the season, however, leaving the Vols with an extra week to prep for the Gators.

Even though the postponement sucks, this could actually be a blessing in disguise for the Vols. As I mentioned earlier, they now have an extra week of practice and can continue to look at other options at quarterback outside Guarantano.

Well, let me take a couple of steps back. I meant to say the Vols can look at the only other option at quarterback outside Guarantano. And as you probably guessed based off the headline, that other option is Harrison Bailey.

Guarantano isn’t beating Florida or Texas A&M and if he were to take them down, it would be more the exception and the rule. I’m not trying to have a defeatist attitude, but this season is over. Allowing Bailey to play and take his lumps makes all the sense in the world at this point. It makes even more sense when you have extra time to prep him for the next three weeks, as well.

If Jeremy Pruitt sticks with Guarantano even for the Florida game, then I won’t know what to think. I do know that the move will reek of desperation and borderline fear in the context of the team looking even worse than it does now with a freshman signal caller.

To which I say: Who the hell cares? It’s time to start figuring out how to get this program on the right track and at this point in this season the only way you figure that out is by exhausting all options.

Or the fans and coaching staff can suffer through these next three games with Guarantano knowing what’s around the corner. It’s too bad that half of that equation has absolutely no control over what happens.