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Bowl Projections: An early look at where Tennessee could land

Alabama vs Tennessee Photo by Andrew Ferguson/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

With Tennessee sitting at 2-3, I bet you aren’t thinking about a potential Bowl matchup this winter. What does it even take to get into a Bowl this year? With an all-conference schedule on the table, the traditional six win requirement is out the window.

Every team, yes even winless teams, can go bowling in 2020. That was the ruling made by the NCAA several weeks back. So regardless of how these final five games go for the Volunteers, they’re going to be attractive to several Bowls in a few months.

What’s that mean? Bowl projections, of course — and who couldn’t use a little distraction right now?

Stadium’s Brett McMurphy has Tennessee currently slated for a matchup in the Music City Bowl, facing the Michigan Wolverines. The Volunteers last played in that game in 2016, where they came away with a convincing win over Nebraska.

Tennessee and Michigan have surprisingly only met one time ever — a 45-17 win for the Volunteers in the 2002 Citrus Bowl.

The Volunteers were reportedly headed to the Music City Bowl last year, but landed in the Gator Bowl after a late swap. This year, any of those third-tier bowls with SEC ties could be the final destination for Tennessee.

Other projected matchups from Stadium

National Championship: Alabama-Ohio State

Orange Bowl: Texas A&M-Notre Dame

Peach Bowl: Georgia-Cincinnati

Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma State-Florida

Birmingham Bowl: Ole Miss-UCF

Citrus Bowl: Indiana-Auburn

Gasparilla Bowl: Virginia-Missouri

Gator Bowl: Virginia Tech-South Carolina

Liberty Bowl: Texas-Arkansas

Outback Bowl: Northwestern-Kentucky

Texas Bowl: Kansas State-LSU