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NCAA suspends recruiting on and off campus for a month

More changes.

Mississippi State v Tennessee Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Concerns over the coronavirus have stopped the entire sports world in its tracks. The NBA, MLB, MLS, PGA, NASCAR and the XFL have all postponed events or suspended their seasons. The NCAA canceled all of their winter and spring championships, including the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Tournaments.

Basically, we have zero sports for the next two weeks.

Now officially, that includes recruiting. According to Jeff Goodman and now several others, the NCAA will shut down recruiting on and off campus until April 15th, creating a dead period.

Here’s the memo that was sent out to coaches.

The NCAA has adopted emergency Legislation to establish a temporary recruiting DEAD PERIOD. The Council Coordination Committee adopted emergency legislation to establish a temporary recruiting dead period in all NCAA Division I sports, effective immediately. The dead period will remain in effect at least until April 15 , at which time the Council Coordination Committee will re-evaluate the status of the situation. Based on the immediate effective date, reasonable measures should be taken to cease all recruiting activities that are not permissible during a dead period (e.g., official and unofficial visits, contacts and evaluations).From now until April 15, all sports are prohibited from any on-campus or off-campus recruiting contacts or evaluations.”

The move prohibits face-to-face recruiting, but phone calls and texting will still be allowed. It’s another curveball for coaches, who would typically be hosting several prospects during spring practices.

The period will be reevaluated on April 15th.