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Tennessee legends form team for basketball tournament

This will be awesome.

South Carolina v Tennessee

A basketball tournament could quench your thirst for Tennessee athletics this summer. ‘The Basketball Tournament’ will feature a team loaded with former Tennessee stars who have teamed up in an effort to take down the 64-team field.

This single elimination tournament will take place on ESPN starting on July 23rd. It will run through August 11th. Former Tennessee guard Bobby Maze will serve as the coach and general manager of the team, nicknames the ‘Ballinteers.’

Tennessee’s team will be made up of Chris Lofton, Jarnell Stokes, Ron Slay, Wayne Chism, Kevin Punter, Robert Hubbs, Jajuan Smith, Tyler Smith, Cameron Tatum, Scotty Hopson, Duke Crews, John Fields, Melvin Goins and Kenny Hall.

The Ballinteers will begin in the Jackson, Tennessee region. The final rounds will be held in Dayton, Ohio. The tournament features a two million dollar top prize, which would be split among the roster.

Watching all of these legends on the floor together should be a lot of fun. Lofton and Smith, now each 34 years old, will team up with Slay, who’s now 38. They will have younger legs like Stokes, Punter and Hubbs to help shoulder the load.

But Lofton still has it. As recently as two years ago, Lofton was playing professional ball in Europe, still shooting a ridiculous 45 percent from three-point range. Punter is also playing overseas, currently in his fourth year as a pro.

We’re pretty fired up about this. You’ll be hearing more about this late in the summer.