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Jeremy Pruitt says Tennessee could wear black jerseys against Kentucky this year to support Black Lives Matter

Tennessee’s head coach said the players have an auction idea for Black Lives Matter jerseys.

A hot topic among Tennessee’s fanbase (and really, any fanbase) is potential alternate uniforms. Whether or not you liked things like the Smokey Grey’s or the Halloween Blackout jerseys, they certainly ventured out from the traditional Orange and White thoroughfare we’re accustomed to seeing. That topic was broached on Thursday’s media call with head coach Jeremy Pruitt—albeit in a more unique way.

According to multiple outlets, Pruitt said that the team is looking at wearing special black jerseys against Kentucky on November 7th. After the game, they would hope to auction off the jerseys to raise money for Black Lives Matter, or an organization similar to it.

It’s clear that leaders within the Tennessee program are sticking to their promise to work with players and help them make a social impact. Earlier this month, Tennessee players participated in a peaceful protests in Knoxville, along with coaches.

We should be 100 percent clear: As of now, these plans are not set in stone. It would seem that they are merely in the planning stages. Pruitt elaborated that the idea came from the players, who are constantly working with the staff to see ways that they can continue to make their voices heard in the social realm. How exactly it would work with auctioning and the NCAA is a lot more hazy, and frankly that answer might not come for a long time. It would have to go through multiple parties before it was ever instituted.

There’s also no word on what the uniforms would look like, and if Kentucky would also participate with special jerseys. Right now, Pruitt’s comment seems to be describing a suggestion, rather than a clear cut plan being put into place.

As the summer goes on, we should receive more answers and ideas about what the players plan to do for activism.

For now, what do you think of this mock-up?