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Some SEC coaches were reportedly frustrated with the conference over the revised 2020 schedule

Gee, I wonder who they could be.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 05 Georgia at Tennessee

The SEC announced a brand new 10-game conference schedule last week after cutting out non-conference matchups for the 2020 season the week before. Instead of going the route of the ACC and simply looking ahead to future cross-division opponents, the SEC came up with their own formula, which was supposedly based on strength of schedule.

The results were predictable, with Alabama and Georgia — the conference’s two highest ranked teams — getting favorable draws.

Alabama added Kentucky and Missouri.

Georgia added Mississippi State and Arkansas.

How convenient.

We were frustrated. You were frustrated. Anyone that wasn’t associated with Georgia, Alabama and maybe even Florida was frustrated. This week, it sounds like the SEC made it even worse.

According to a report from Pete Thamel, some head coaches voiced frustrations of their own during a conference call on Thursday with the SEC. It’s hard to blame them as the league showed a clear advantage towards those best positioned to make a run at the college football playoff.

If you’re going to come up with your own formula and go against the grain, you better be able to explain how you got there. Apparently the SEC couldn’t do that, which should rightfully infuriate any coach who got the short end of this stick.

Tennessee added two ranked opponents (Auburn, Texas A&M) to a schedule that already featured Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Arkansas, the worst team in the SEC West, added the two best teams from the SEC East. Missouri added Alabama and LSU.

There were always going to be winners and losers on this deal, but it was just a little too predictable that Alabama and Georgia would come out smelling like a rose.