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Daniel Bituli waived by the Rams

Tough situation.

Vanderbilt v Tennessee Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way NFL teams operate this year. Without a preseason, undrafted free agents have a virtually impossible task of impressing the teams that signed them after April’s draft without ever touching the field.

One early victim of these current rules is former Tennessee linebacker Daniel Bituli. The Rams signed Bituli this offseason after Bituli recovered from surgery, but his stint in L.A. didn’t last very long. Bituli was waived by the team on Saturday.

Bituli was a standout player for Tennessee over the last three seasons, leading the team in tackles in each season during that span. He was the quarterback of the defense, in charge of getting everyone set before that snap. That duty will be handed over to Henry To’o To’o this year in Knoxville.

For Bituli, you’d hope that he would get another shot down the road somewhere. Perhaps it comes on a practice squad this year, or maybe it comes with the return of training camps in 2021. His size and production certainly warrant a shot somewhere, though his injury history could hinder him. Bituli underwent knee surgery to open the 2019 season, missing the first two games of the year. That injury lingered on after the season, costing him a chance to be drafted.

Now healthy, Bituli is once again just looking for a chance.