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Jersey numbers, positions updated on Tennessee’s latest roster

Some notable changes.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The start of fall practice means an updated roster, complete with accurate heights, weights and new jersey numbers. Tennessee put out their updated roster on Wednesday, officially adding Joe Doyle and Jeremy Banks back into the fold. They’ve also officially assigned new jersey number to each newcomer.

Here are all of those new numbers.

No. 1: WR Velus Jones Jr. (Senior, transfer)

No. 4: RB Len’Neth Whitehead

No. 9: Edge Tyler Baron

No. 9: WR Jimmy Calloway

No. 10: WR/QB Jimmy Holiday

No. 11: WR Jalin Hyatt

No. 13: WR Malachi Wideman

No. 14: DB Keshawn Lawrence

No. 15: QB Harrison Bailey

No. 18: DB Doneiko Slaughter

No. 19: Edge Morven Joseph

No. 20: LB Bryson Eason

No. 20: RB Jabari Small

No. 21: WR Damarcus Beckwith

No. 21: LB/DB Tamarion McDonald

No. 29: LB Martavis French

No. 44: RB Tee Hodge

No. 46: LS Will Albright

No. 58: DL Omari Thomas

No. 59: DL Dominic Bailey

No. 63: OL Cooper Mays

No. 68: OL Cade Mays (Junior, transfer)

No. 70: OL Reginald Perry

No. 71: OL James Robinson

No. 76: OL Javontez Spraggins

News and Notes

  • Len’Neth Whitehead, who committed as a top 100 athlete, starts at running back. Most analyst thought he would end up playing linebacker at this level. He could still land there, as we’ve seen Jeremy Pruitt make several position changes during camps, but he’ll play offense for now.
  • Reginald Perry, who committed as a three-star defensive lineman, is listed as an offensive lineman. Tennessee didn’t sign an offensive tackle in the 2020 class, so Perry at 6-6, 310 pounds could fill that role. The Volunteers have one tackle committed to their 2021 class, so depth here is a bit of a future concern.
  • Jimmy Holiday, who signed as a three-star athlete and played quarterback in high school, is officially listed as a receiver. Expect to see him get some wildcat opportunities somewhere down the road.
  • Bryce Thompson officially swapped his number from 20 to 0.
  • Trevon Flowers swapped from 25 to 1.
  • Kenneth George Jr. is now wearing No. 5.
  • Deangelo Gibbs is now officially listed as a receiver.
  • Jordan Allen, now a tight end, is wearing No. 86.