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Pig Howard sounds off on Butch Jones

Yet another former player coming out against Butch Jones.

Tennessee v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

If you need some spice on this Saturday night, former Tennessee receiver Pig Howard just delivered some. Howard went on a Twitter rant this afternoon, airing out some issues with his former head coach Butch Jones.

He began with a story from his NFL days, where he signed with the Bears as an undrafted free agent. Former Tennessee receivers coach Zach Azzanni was the receivers coach in Chicago at the time, which was the obvious link that got him a chance to play for the Bears. Apparently, Butch Jones wasn’t thrilled with Pig getting the opportunity, which seems odd.

Howard was dismissed during his senior season. Apparently he feels like there’s more to tell on that story.

He went on to tell a story about his recruitment, where he was recruited by Jones during his time at Cincinnati.

Howard finished his Tennessee career with 1,014 yards receiving. He made his biggest impact in 2014 as a junior, catching 54 passes for over 600 yards.

He’s just the latest to come forward with Butch Jones frustrations. Jalen Hurd aired his issues out in 2018, telling Bleacher Report why he left Tennessee. Chris Weatherd talked through some issues in an interview earlier this year. There were clearly issues in that locker room, as further evidenced by the bizarre Shy Tuttle situation in 2017.

Jones remains at Alabama working under Nick Saban, now with the title of special assistant to the head coach. He’s been connected to a few other jobs during his time in Tuscaloosa, but nothing has come together for him just yet.

Stories like this one from Howard won’t help Jones’ case.