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Tennessee reveals alternate black uniforms ahead of South Carolina game

The rumors were true — Tennessee is going “dark mode” this weekend at South Carolina. This is something that has been talked about dating back to last season under Jeremy Pruitt, and then teased by both Danny White and Josh Heupel.

Today, it’s a reality. Check out the look below.

First thought for me? The whole thing would look a whole lot better with black helmets, although the white looks better than I anticipated. As Austin Price points out, COVID kept Tennessee from being able to get the alternate helmet, which is something that Pruitt mentioned as a hurdle last season.

This will be the first time that Tennessee has worn black jerseys since 2009, which also came against South Carolina. That look was much more thrown together, with traditional helmets and orange pants.

This is more planned out and coordinated, and I have to say, they look good. Some of you won’t care about this and that’s fine, but alternate uniforms are a recruiting tool these days and the new administration seems to want to pursue them. It’s something that they did regularly at UCF and they’ll continue that here at the much more traditional Tennessee.