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Tennessee baseball ‘OMAHA!!!!’ t-shirts now available

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Tennessee is Omaha bound. For the first time since 2005, the Volunteers are headed to the College World Series with a shot at a national title. Tony Vitello has woken up a sleeping giant in four short years at the helm, and now his program has a chance to take it all down next week.

Of course, Omaha now has a couple of different meanings to Tennessee fans. All time great Peyton Manning made the term famous in his NFL days, shouting out ‘OMAHA!!!’ at the line of scrimmage as an audible call.

“Heck of a day for Vol Nation today,” Vitello said on Sunday. “Broncos fans got to be happy because we got Peyton Manning saying Omaha again. So these guys are as excited as you can imagine.”

And now you can own your very own OMAHA!!!! t-shirt ahead of the College World Series. Our friends at BreakingT have you covered with this awesome design below.

You can purchase the shirt here.

Breaking T OMAHA shirt

And you can hear Peyton Manning yelling OMAHA!!!! a few more times here.