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Keon Johnson gets invite to NBA Draft green room

Johnson gets invited to attend the NBA Draft with other potential lottery picks plus family, friends

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Tennessee vs Alabama Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Keon Johnson is one of 15 players (so far) invited to the NBA Draft green room, per ESPN’s Jonathan Givony.

Similar to the NFL Draft, the NBA invites a group of players to attend the draft in person and sit in front of the stage, usually surrounded by respective moms, dads, other family and friends. These players are the ones you’ll see walk up on stage, put on the hat of whichever team drafted them and then shake hands/ take pictures with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

The players invited are usually expected lottery picks, though there’s typically a few surprises come draft night that sometimes results in uncomfortable waits for the guys who got green-room invites but end up falling in the draft. This year’s draft is back to a bit pre-pandemic normalcy, as last year’s draft was held virtually, but that only exacerbates the potential for awkwardness. You get the invite, get all G’d up with your mom and dad, then boom, before you know it, the first round is over and it’s just you and your folks on national TV sitting there while all the other invitees are now officially NBA players. Ouch.

Moving on — noticeably absent from Givony’s list is Jaden Springer. I’d say there’s still a couple more invites out there that will be named soon, so let’s hope Springer gets one. The Vols having two guys walk across that stage would be great publicity.