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WATCH: highlights from the second scrimmage

Syndication: The Knoxville News-Sentinel Calvin Mattheis/News Sentinel via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Here’s the hype video from Tennessee’s second, and final, scrimmage of fall camp.

The film crew and, more specifically, the video editors, are always careful with how much they reveal during these videos. There’s plenty of abrupt cuts, some balls in the air, a celebration here and there along with very few, if any, full plays.

But I didn’t have too much happening tonight, so I watched at a reduced speed for some details I would have otherwise missed.

Here’s what I saw.

19 seconds: A Joe Milton deep-ball DIME to newbie JaVonta Payton.

20 seconds: Jeremy Banks and Juwan Mitchell gang tackling Jabari Small. Mitchell looks more like a safety than a linebacker.

21 seconds: Another tackle by Banks (I think?) with a sorta-kinda assist from sophomore DB (from Memphis) Tamarion McDonald.

22 seconds: Trevon Flowers getting his hand in for a deflection on a ball intended for Jalin Hyatt.

22 seconds: Sophomore DB Doneiko Slaughter making a tackle and almost nearly maybe causing a fumble with Juwan Mitchell on the assist.

23 seconds: Heupel looking at the ground, and also maybe pondering to himself “what have I gotten myself into here?”

25 seconds: Jaylen Wright running real fast.

29 seconds: Alontae Taylor tackle. I’d be really happy for a rebound season from Tae Tay.

30 seconds: Harrison Bailey running. I think this is one of just two appearances for Bailey.

31 seconds: Joe Milton with a high throw to Cedric Tillman. The ball initially gets through Tillman’s hands but he hangs on.

33 seconds: Milton throws a rope to senior TE Princeton Fant.

34 seconds: Jaylen Wright goes truck stick on Flowers.

35 seconds: Milton a bit low on a throw to Tillman.

36 seconds: A carry for RS freshman Tee Hodge (from Maryville).

37 seconds: Jaylen McCollough with hit on Tiyon Evans that caused a fumble.

41 seconds: Theo Jackson getting a last-second hand on a pass intended for who I think is freshman goliath TE Trinity Bell. My goodness he’s big — every bit of 6-7, and I’d say his reach is wider than a previously-reported 6-9.

The last play: Maybe a little read option with Milton and Jaylen Wright. Wright makes a slick Arian Foster-ish cut at the line of scrimmage and then Chris Berman voice WHOOPS poor McCollough out of his cleats en route to a touchdown. Wright gave junior CB Warren Burrell the business at the goal line, too.