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BreakingT releases ‘Dixieland Delight’ and Jalin Hyatt shirts following Tennessee’s win over Alabama

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Finally, after 15 long years of misery, Tennessee is officially back. The Volunteers are 6-0, coming off of their first win against Alabama since 2007.

The scene was pure magic. The Crimson Tide left the door cracked open with 20 seconds left, and the Volunteers came smashing through. A knuckleball kick from Chase McGrath will never be forgotten.

Tennessee won 52-49. You could feel the demons flying out of Neyland Stadium as Tennessee trolled Alabama with Dixieland Delight over the loudspeakers.

It was an iconic moment for the program, and our friends at BreakingT have come up with with a shirt to remember it by.

You purchase the shirt here.

BreakingT also came up with this design to remember Jalin Hyatt’s record-breaking performance. The speedy receiver couldn’t be covered by Alabama, torching the Tide time and time again for five touchdowns.

You can buy the ‘gimme five’ design here.

BreakingT’s Tennessee collection is growing quickly. Check out all of their work here!