The Vols road woes derailed historic season. by John Woodall.

Let's face it, we Tennesse fans are all still reeling from the Vols loss at South Carolina. It was difficult for a Vols fan to watch the Vols historically bad performance on defense against South Carolina, especially since the Vols were knocking on the door of the College Football Playoffs. After a couple of days of scratching my head and a few moments of being dazed and confused, there is something that has become crystal clear and that is, this year's Tennessee Vols are just NOT a good road team. It took OT to win against an average ACC team: Pitt, they got thumped by Georgia between the hedges, and they got their doors blown off at South Carolina (historic loss) at Williams-Brice. In hindsight, the LSU game, that the Vols won 40 to 13 was an aberration. The sample size is now large enough to draw the conclusion that Tennessee is played much worse on the road. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind including the quality of the opponent (3 home games not against SEC opponents) played but the numbers tell the story. So, as we all witnessed, Tennessee lit up Neyland Stadium on offense during their home games, averaging 55.28 points per game (7 games) and gave up an average 20.85 points per game, outscoring their opponents by an average of 34.43 points per game. On the road, the story is much different. The Vols had four road games and they averaged 31.25 points on offense (4 games) and gave up 33.25 points on defense. They were outscored by 2 points per game. Obviously, the Vols did not fare nearly as well away from the friendly confines of Neyland Stadium. They've gone 7 and 0 at home and are 2 and 2 on the road. It is clear that the Vols are an offensive juggernaut at home and have not been nearly as effective on the road. The Vols have had a really good season but fell just short of a great season. The football team could still win 11 games if they beat Vandy and win a bowl game. But the fact that they have been a great home team and only a slightly below average road team is why the Vols will not be going to the College Football Playoff. It was a really good football season for Tennessee, and I am still optimistic about the future. Tennessee has found our coach in offensive wizard Josh Heupel, but it is time for Heupel to turn his attention to the defense. The old saying is that defense travels. In the Vols' case, it didn't travel very well this year. Tennessee needs to fix, before next year, heck, before the next two games. by John Woodall

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