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Velus Jones Jr. and Alontae Taylor make big plays at the Senior Bowl

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NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Both Velus Jones Jr. and Alontae Taylor capped a big week at the Senior Bowl with some big plays on Saturday afternoon. The now former Volunteers have been down in Mobile over the past several days, working out, going through practices and interviewing with teams in hopes of boosting their draft stock.

In some ways, the actual game is an afterthought, but that didn’t stop both Taylor and Jones from making a couple of splashes.

Velus Jones Jr. hauled in this deep pass late in the third quarter to get his team into scoring position. Jones shook free on an out cut and was able to get his feet down to secure the catch.

Jones finally broke out in his final year of college football, stepping into a prime role in Josh Heupel’s year one offense at Tennessee. He turned that into an 807 yard season, catching seven touchdowns on the year. That, in addition to his return ability, should get him drafted somewhere during day three in April.

Alontae Taylor also made a splash, snagging an interception off of Carson Strong. It’s unclear whether Taylor was playing zone or sitting on a route, but he fell behind the receiver and was able to make up ground to make the play thanks to an underthrown ball.

Either way, it was a nice recovery and a big play from Alontae.

Taylor opted out of the bowl game to prepare for the draft, ending his four-year Tennessee career. The former receiver prospect played cornerback for Jeremy Pruitt from day one out of pure necessity, and now will hear his name called in the NFL Draft in just a couple of months.

Cade Mays also participated in the event, working at multiple positions on the offensive line. That versatility will be something NFL teams like, along with his nastiness in the trenches.

Next up for these three will be the NFL Combine, which will take place from March 1st through March 7th.